Tuesday, August 05, 2014


The time seems changed. Jadi benarlah masa perungkai segala.
my brain can't function properly to understand what exactly happened.
I felt like, this is not me.
I don't have any idea on what is happening.
A sarcastic impatient hopeless person, who using someone shadow as a hideout, had a bravery strong broken heart to walk away from the fragile hideout and letting the skyfall without any fear.
As a queen control of the earth, had no more feeling to controlled  your emotion, your love story or your privacy.
me .
as a  lone ranger, wasn't afraid anymore to be isolated.
me recently,
don't even have space or time to thinking about you.
surprisingly, i felt comfortable with this different situation. sudah terlalu penat maybe.

i should happy with this changes. I must!
Oo Allah,if it is the time to take back a feeling that You lend to me for a while,
Take it back then.
The moment "sudah cukup sudah" started
will be the most happiest day in your life.
jaga diri.

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